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Master Archicad and other Graphisoft solutions and get certified. Graphisoft Learn provides you with the digital resources and tools to implement efficient processes in your business and build a great career. Get ready to be challenged and achieve great results.

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Learn BIM, Your Way

Skill up at your own pace, with on-demand, online trainer-led, or live classroom courses, organized into learning paths that demystify workflows. Graphisoft Learn takes you from beginner to subject matter expert, from anywhere in the world.

  • Join courses that cover diverse topics on mastering Archicad fundamentals, advanced concepts, workflows, and processes
  • Download exercise files and training material
  • Get access to free and discounted training material as a Graphisoft Forward customer
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I was very impressed by the versatility of the Learn Portal. It offered more than I expected, and it really felt tailor-made. In busy times, the Learn Portal offers me an opportunity to delve further into BIM in the areas that are important to me at times that suit me. It enabled me, both as an architect and an external BIM manager, to get the most out of Archicad and to help other architectural firms with the aim of making better buildings through better BIM.

Ruben Groot

Ruben Grot

BIM manager, Architect

Groot architectur

Get Certified

Get Certified

A multi-level certification system that gives you a direct path to progress your career, whether you are just learning the ropes, or mastering BIM.

  • Embark on dedicated preparation paths as a fast track for certificates on all levels
  • Get certified as an Archicad BIM User, BIM Author, BIM Coordinator, or BIM Manager
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The content of the program was very current and fundamentally important for any professional and/or company that wants to remain relevant in a market that demands more and more. The learning opportunity provided by the material and trainers was, without a doubt, very impactful on my professional development and I am looking forward to increasingly applying the knowledge acquired in my daily work.

Victor Arthur Cândido

Victor Arthur Cândido


AXO Arquitetura e Engenharia

Grow Together

Grow Together

Join a thriving community of certified professionals. Get access to additional Graphisoft Learn resources and unlock the learning opportunities you need to build an exceptional career.

  • Access workflow guides that keep your design process as efficient as possible
  • Hop on to BIM talks, an ongoing series of online presentations from experts around the world
  • Stay up to date with the latest training material
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In the BIM Manager Program, in addition to the complete course content, we had the opportunity to exchange experiences with professionals from different areas of activity, with a variation of work scale, allowing a global view of the life of a BIM Manager from different perspectives. This exchange of experience and knowledge is fundamental in our lives, making us better professionals, with a broad and comprehensive vision.

Eduarda Moser

Eduarda Moser

BIM Manager

Octus Arquitetura

Bundle up

Learn more, for less. Bundles include all of the material you need to reach the next level of BIM certification, put together into an affordable and structured learning journey.

Model Authoring Bundle

Model Authoring


Kickstart your BIM journey. Learn how to model, document, and visualize your design in Archicad and become a Graphisoft Certified BIM Author.

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Model Management Bundle

Model Management


Become a Graphisoft Certified BIM Coordinator. Manage and coordinate BIM-enabled projects, collaborate with other disciplines, and organize your team's daily work in Archicad.

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Office Management Bundle

Office Management


Boost your career with Graphisoft’s BIM Manager Certification Bundle. You’ll cover everything about BIM standards, office-level Archicad best practices, and managing people and processes.

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